Durango Ultrasound uses a Philips iU22 system, providing high quality, reliable images. Image data is obtained and stored on a PACS.

Provider Request Forms

Provider request forms are available for download below or you may also contact our office to have a supply of order forms delivered to your location.

Provider Referral Form - PDF

Provider Access to Ultrasound Results

Durango Ultrasound will email or fax your patient's ultrasound results as soon as they are available, typically within 24 hours. Stat reads are available. Referring physicians who wish access to patient images, should contact Durango Ultrasound to request either images be uploaded to Nuance Powershare or make arrangements for images to be emailed or mailed.

Ultrasound Exams Available

We tailor each ultrasound exam to your patients’ specific needs and medical conditions. We can perform all the following exams:

• ABD complete
• Abdomen complete with duplex venous/arterial inflow/outflow of specific organ
• ABD limited/appendix
• Abdomen limited with limited duplex of venous/arterial inflow/outflow
• Aorta
• Aorta Screening
• Bladder only
• Breast
• Carotid
• Carotid Screening
• Venous lower/upper extremity unilateral or bilateral
• Arterial lower/upper extremity unilateral or bilateral
• Fistula evaluation
• Hernia/Groin
• OB 1st/2nd/3rd trimester w/wo endovaginal, LTd, F/U, BPP, duplex of MCA/UA
• Pelvic/Gyn complete/limited w/wo endovaginal
• Renal complete
• Renal transplant evaluation
• Scrotal
• Scrotal duplex arterial/venous for torsion
• Thyroid
• Thyroid Screening
• Soft Tissue/MSK (call for details)
• Pediatric breast
• Gallbladder Screening

Rapid Reporting

All general and vascular examinations are interpreted by board certified radiologists at Direct Radiology. Direct Radiology is based in Bothell, Washington and is affiliated with Philips Medical Group. Direct Radiology is ACR and Joint Commission accredited. Most studies are interpreted and reported the same day. All ultrasound reports will be faxed or emailed as soon as they are available. Stat interpretations are available.

All obstetric and gynecological examinations are interpreted by board certified maternal fetal medicine physicians at Access Telecare who follow AIUM guidelines. Studies are available within 24 hours. Stat interpretations are available.


Durango Ultrasound is in network for Colorado Medicare patients as well as some regional commercial insurance providers, please contact us to see if we are in network with your insurance.

If we do not accept your private insurance, please consider our low cost self pay prices for your study. We will provide you with a medical superbill, copy of your order and receipt of payment that you may submit to your insurance carrier. Your insurance carrier may apply the cost toward your deductible or reimburse you for your study.

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