Durango Ultrasound wants you to have all the information you need to make your appointments with us as convenient, comfortable and efficient as possible.

Quality. Convenience. Affordable.

• You are treated with care and respect.

• You save money over hospital imaging - often up to 50%.

• All scans are interpreted by a board-certified radiologist, with a report delivered to your doctor’s office within 24 hours from the time of your examination.

Scheduling an Appointment

Call our office during business hours or book online 24/7.

Office Phone: (970) 247-7997

Office Hours: Monday through Thursday - 9:00 am to 4:00 pm - By Appointment Only

Your physician or health care provider will fax us a signed order detailing the type of study needed and any clinical information that will help us to perform a tailored examination that is most appropriate for your condition.

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Patient Registration Form

In order to expedite your check-in, we ask that you bring a form of picture identification. If you are a new patient, or if it has been more than one year since your last visit, you will be required to present your id again.

Patient forms may be filled out and submitted electronically, once you have scheduled your ultrasound on-line. Printable patient forms are available here for you to download, print and bring with you to your appointment if you choose.

New Patient Form - PDF

Patient Authorization Form

A HIPAA authorization form is a document in that allows an appointed person or party to share specific health information with another person or group. Your appointed person can be a doctor, a hospital, or a health care provider, as well as certain other entities such as an attorney.

Authorization Form - PDF

Financial Responsibility Form

To assist in understanding your financial responsibility, we ask that you read and sign this form prior to your study being performed.

Financial Responsibility Form - PDF

Elective OB Fun Pics Waiver

Referred to as "Fun Pics." This ultrasound is just for fun images of your baby. You do not need an order from your provider, however, we do require that you have a routine 18-20 week diagnostic obstetric ultrasound that was evaluated by your medical provider before scheduling this exam.

We require the waiver to be signed below for this exam.

Elective OB Ultrasound Consent Waiver - PDF


Durango Ultrasound will submit claims for Medicare patients only. We are not able to submit claims for patients with any Medicare Advantage plan.

Durango Ultrasound is not in network with any Medicaid programs.

Durango Ultrasound will collect payment at time of service for any self-pay patient.

Durango Ultrasound is in network with Cigna and Aetna but will not submit claims and will collect contracted rate at time of service. Patients will be provided with a superbill that they may submit to the carrier for reimbursement or applied toward their deductible.

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