Renal / Kidney Ultrasound

An order from your physician is required for this exam. Ultrasound images of kidneys and bladder (or just a bladder ultrasound) would be used to evaluate your kidneys and bladder due to abnormal lab work, blood in your urine, side or pelvic pain, suspected kidney stones, cysts or mass or to evaluate status of a kidney transplant.

Renal Kidney Ultrasound Durango Colorado

To Prepare:

You will need to be able to transfer to the exam bed with minimal assistance. Wear comfortable clothing that you can readily pull up to expose your abdomen. A full bladder is required for this study. Please drink at least 4 cups (8 oz.) of fluid 1 hour prior to your exam time. Do not empty your bladder until you are instructed to do so by the sonographer. You may take all prescribed medications before this study. Refraining from eating 4 hours prior to study will enable us to see your kidneys better.

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