Aortic Screening Ultrasound

An order from your provider is not required for this exam. Insurance will not cover this exam. This exam is a self-pay procedure with payment due at time of service.

This limited exam of your abdominal aorta will look for plaque and abdominal aortic aneurysm. This is not a complete diagnostic examination. You will receive results a few days later that will state if plaque is present and if there is the suspicion of an aneurysm may recommend a complete diagnostic study is recommended.

Aortic Screening Ultrasound Durango Colorado

To Prepare:

Please refrain from eating 6-8 hours prior to this study. You may drink water and take any required medications.

Images will be obtained by scanning over your exposed abdomen. You will need to be able to transfer yourself to the exam bed and lay comfortably on your back for the exam.

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