OB Fun Pics are $200.00

Referred to as "Fun Pics." This ultrasound is just for fun images of your baby. You do not need an order from your provider, however, we do require that you have a routine 18-20 week diagnostic obstetric ultrasound that was evaluated by your medical provider before scheduling this exam.

The best time to obtain optimal images of your baby is from 25-32 weeks into your pregnancy. You will receive 20 minutes of images of your baby, black/white paper images, movie clips and 3D images that will be recorded onto a flash drive or a DVD for you to take one and share.

We require an additional waiver for you to sign for this exam.

No doctor will review these images. We will not diagnose any fetal abnormalities on this exam. This is an elective, non-diagnostic exam.

Colorado Baby Ultrasound 3d Images

Elective OB Fun Pics Waiver

We require the waiver to be signed below for this exam.

Elective OB Ultrasound Consent Waiver - PDF

To Prepare:

A full bladder is necessary for this exam. Please drink 4 (8 oz) cups of fluid 1 hour prior to scheduled exam time. Do not empty your bladder until instructed to do so by the sonographer.

Note: Patients and guests are required to wear face masks at this time. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping our community healthy.

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